Modern Foreign Languages

The MFL department is proud to offer French and Mandarin. French is currently studied through to GCSE, with Mandarin becoming a GCSE subject from September 2024. All our lessons are based on the four skills, Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. Whatever the language, our linguists learn to listen, speak, read and write confidently as they discover more about the cultures of the countries where their language is

In French, at KS3, we put the emphasis on phonics, vocabulary retention through repetition and grammar through pattern identification. We learn about topics such as ‘self and family’, ‘physical description’, ‘where we live’, ‘school’, ‘our routine’ and ‘leisure activities’, introducing the present, future and perfect tenses. We have successfully introduced Mandarin at KS3 and it is proving to be popular with our students.

At KS4, students who then choose to pursue studying their Language have a sound vocabulary and grammar base in the four skills, allowing them to make excellent progress. We always encourage our GCSE students to carry on with the study of their chosen language at college to widen their opportunities in the world of work and enhance their career paths.

There are many careers within languages, from working in the Armed Forces, to working in media, translating, marketing, tourism and much more.

Please follow the link to view our French curriculum: