You will be learning about: 

The theatre styles of Naturalism, Epic and Physical Theatre. There will be a strong focus on exploring these three contrasting performance styles and practically applying the skills and techniques of practitioners and companies to your own practical performances. In addition to this there is a strong focus on researching the different roles required to create a professional production (Actors, Directors, Designers etc) and analyse the responsibilities of these roles through both theoretical work and practical work. 

You will contribute to an ethos of skills development through taking part in a range of practical workshops and will be expected to develop the performance related skills of confidence, creativity, flair and technique in front of live audiences and must be prepared to be video assessed carrying out practical rehearsals and performances. In Drama you will have the opportunity to watch and work with professional theatre groups in order to develop your skills, with these experiences leading directly into your work in the classroom. You will also be required to take part in academy performances throughout the year. 

Your key focus areas will be: 

  • The roles and responsibilities of Actors, Directors and Designers 
  • Effective rehearsal, performance and audition techniques 
  • Exploring professional scripts and developing your knowledge of how to take a script from the page to the stage 
  • Skills development across three contrasting styles of performance 
  • Application of three contrasting theatre practitioners’ styles and their influence on modern performance 

How will this subject help me in the future?  

The Level 2 Drama qualification provides you with the necessary skills and knowledge to continue your Drama study at Level 3 at Post 16 establishments. The course provides you with the building blocks to progress into a career in performance and also develops the key social and interpersonal skills that will be essential in all future career paths. The course gives you the platform to develop your creative mind and group work skills which will ultimately be beneficial to long term personal development. 

Who should I ask if I need more information?  

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