Child Development

You will be learning about: 

Students will take part in 3 units. 2 will be coursework based and 1 will be an external exam. Units include:  

Patterns of child development  

This unit is exam based, which will be completed at the end of year 10. You will look into areas of development of children from birth to 8 years old and understand the milestones that children are expected to do at each stage.   

Promoting development through play  

During this unit you will look into what adults can do to promote learning through play. We will look into activities that adults provide and why they benefit the development of young children.  

The principles of early years  

In this unit you explore the early years setting and how different people and places are used to provide high quality education to young children.  

How will this subject help me in the future?  

This is a good subject to take if you are organised, can work to deadlines and are enthusiastic about a career in early years. This subject leads well in the college courses and into further education within this sector. It will suit any person who is interested in or looking at professions such as nursing, child care workers, child care providers, teachers or social workers. 

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