Curriculum Overview

The Ormiston Academies Trust curriculum statement, setting out the Trust’s aims and expectations for the curriculum can be found here. The starting point for our curriculum is the National Curriculum.

Our curriculum is aligned with those of our sponsor, Ormiston Academies Trust that:

• It is the ‘totality of the experience of the child’, extending between the ages of 11 and 16
• It includes both the formal timetabled curriculum and all the informal learning and development that occurs outside the timetable, including the development of children’s personal, social and cultural capital.
• Our curriculum maps show how we move our children from a state where they have not acquired specific knowledge, skills, experience and dispositions, to a state where they have acquired these, as part of a learning journey.
• It involves a deliberate choice to select, from all the possible knowledge, skills, experiences and
dispositions, those which we believe pupils should acquire. How our teachers are trained, the
materials they use and how they deliver the learning is all part of the totality of the experience.
• It responds to well-designed assessment which tells us whether pupils have acquired what was

At Cliff Park Ormiston academy, we strive to prepare all students to become well-rounded, hardworking and courteous individuals who have the knowledge, skills and determination to meet the challenges they will face both now and in the future.

In partnership with families and our community, our aim is to provide relevant, personalised learning experiences for students, both inside and outside the classroom, that encourages them to value and respect each other, and become ambitious, resilient members of society.

Our curriculum is demonstrated through our five curriculum strands : Discover, Create, Thrive and Character & Culture Curriculum:

For a detailed summary please read Curriculum Statement of Intent

A summary of Key Stage 4 qualifications and Examination Boards taught at Cliff Park Ormiston Academy can be found here.