Equality Statement

Promoting equality and community cohesion at Cliff Park Ormiston Academy (CPOA)

At CPOA we have a strong commitment to fairness and equality in everything that we do.

  • We try to ensure that everyone is treated fairly and with respect.
  • We work hard to make sure that the Academy is a safe and secure environment for everyone.
  • We recognise that people have different needs, and we understand that treating people equally does not always involve treating them all exactly the same. We strive for equity, not just equality.
  • We recognise that for some students extra support is needed to help them to achieve and be successful.
  • We try to make sure that people from different groups are consulted and involved in our decisions, for example through talking to students and parents/carers, and through our Student Council.
  • We aim to make sure that no-one experiences harassment, less favourable treatment or discrimination because of the following protected characteristics: age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation.

We welcome the emphasis on the importance of narrowing gaps in achievement which affect, amongst others:

  • Students from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds.
  • Students who are supported by the pupil premium.
  • Students who are disabled.
  • Students who have special educational needs.
  • Where gender has historically been seen as a barrier to attainment.

Visit our policies page to read our full  Equality and Diversity report.