Through our Technology curriculum at KS3 and KS4 Cliff Park Ormiston Academy student shave the opportunity to experience and explore the world of Design, Technology and Engineering.

The KS3 Technology curriculum introduces students to the exciting world of design through engaging, hands-on experiences with strong links to out maritime location. Cutting edge technology, compliments traditional workshops where students get a complete experience. Students get to explore a range of materials, tools and technologies to build a range of transferable skills including problem solving, teamwork and communication. Linking into our local industry, students experience first-hand potential careers and subjects for further education.

At KS4 Students have the option to select engineering at Level 2. This allows students to continue exploring the world of technology and open their minds further to engineering and its possibilities. Students will learn the theory behind engineering and engage in more practical tasks, where they will get use a wider variety of machines such as lathes and learn new skills such as welding.

In technology we strive to inspire students, make them curious about the world they live in and think about how through design and engineering they can make the world a better place.

Please follow the link to view our Engineering curriculum: