Homework Information

The Academy is committed to ensuring that learning continues beyond the classroom and views extended learning as an integral part of a student’s education.

What do we mean by Homework?
The academy is committed to setting regular homework that students will need to complete outside of the classroom. Homework tasks will be set in order to either consolidate knowledge previously taught or prepare students for future learning.

Why do homework?
Extensive research carried out by the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) has found that homework has a high, positive impact on secondary pupils. Homework will:

• Support knowledge retrieval
• Consolidate learning
• Increase specific areas or knowledge
• Increase skills/literacy/numerical/fluency in areas/topics

How much time should be spent on homework?
This will differ at different points during the school year. However, the guidance
suggests that:

• KS3 – 30 minutes per piece
• KS4 – 45 minutes to an hour per piece

The frequency of homework can be found later in this guide.

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Homework is set in all lessons and aims to either prepare students for future learning or consolidate learning that has previously taken place. 

Please take a look at our Homework Guide for more information.

Homework Club runs each lunchtime in IT5. 

The frequency of extended learning every half term/term per subject area is expected to be as follows: 

ENGLISH Once a week 
MATHS Once a week 
SCIENCE Once per topic 
SCIENCE GCSE Once per topic for biology, chemistry and physics 
HISTORY Once a fortnight 
GEOGRAPHY Twice a topic
LANGUAGES Once a fortnight 
RE Once a half term 
GCSE RE Once a fortnight 
PE Extra curricular clubs, daily 
COMPUTING Once a half term 
MUSIC Once a half term 
DRAMA Once a half term 
ROTATION SUBJECTS Once a rotation topic
KS4 OPTION SUBJECTS Once a fortnight