Enrichment Opportunities

We are proud of our wide range of educational visits and extra-curricular activities that support and extend the taught curriculum.

We have a varied extracurricular enrichment programme and encourage all staff and students to involve themselves in extra-curricular activities. The programme is such an important part of our student development offering and embraces our focus on character development. We want to seek out as many opportunities as possible for our students to be able to demonstrate their progress towards being people of character and who uphold our CARE values (Community, Aspiration, Resilience and Excellence). Students have access to our extra-curricular enrichment offer before school, at lunch time and after school.

Our enrichment programme is updated and shared with student and parents at the start of each term.

CPOA Enrichment Timetable Summer HT5

Lunchtime   1:30-1:55Peri Lessons (Selected students)Eco-Schools Council (KAD)  

Year 8 Performing Arts (Week 2 only)

Chess Club (NDO)
Year 7 Performing Arts (Week 1 only) (AJO and CCA)  

Year 9 Performing Arts (Week 2 only) (AJO and CCA)
Year 10 Performing Arts (Week 2 only) (AJO and CCA)

Peace and Conflict Poetry (HRU)    
Pride Club (Week 2 only) (KSE)  

Year 11 Performing Arts (Week 1 only) (AJO and CCA)
Afterschool   15:10-16:00Art Club (NCU)

Duke of Edinburgh Award (CCO)

Rugby (JOB)

Karate (RCA and ASH)
Performing Arts Production Auditions (TBA) (AJO and CCA)

Catering Club (MHS) (Week 1 only)

Drama Club (CCA)

Tennis (JOB)

Dance (RBR)  
Table TennisYear 9 and 10 Football (MWA)

Basketball (RCA)

Boat Project (KMI and RRE)

Music Technology (AJO)

Athletics (PE Dept)
Year 8 Football (ASH)  

Year 7 Football (RCA)  

Girls Football (THU)  

Boxing (MAP)

Wellbeing Group (MAP)

Pride Cinema (Week 1 only) (KSE)    

Rounders (RBR)
KS4 Performing Arts Club (Week 2) (AJO and CCA)  

Karaoke Club (AJO)