What is sociology?  

Sociology is the “science of society.” It is the study of people’s behaviour in groups. 

You will be learning about: 

  • Education – This will involve investigating a variety of issues from the role of education to if everybody gets the same opportunities. Some questions you will consider: 

 What is school for? Why are girls getting better exam results than boys? How much difference do schools actually make and how? Does it matter what your teacher thinks of you? Does your  background or class, gender or ethnicity affect your exam results? Should there be private schools? 

  • Families and households – This will involve investigating a variety of issues of how relationships within families have changed over time and how family differs in the UK with those in other countries. Some questions you will consider: 

How  and why are families changing? What is the function of family? Is marriage still important? Why is the divorce rate rising and what are the consequences? Do men and women have certain roles in family? Does equality exist between the sexes ? 

  • Crime and Deviance with Theory and Methods – You will examine and discuss how crime is related to time, place, social situation and culture. Some issues you will consider are: 

What is crime? What is deviance? How is crime measured? Who and why do people commit crimes? Why do men commit more crimes? Why does class, gender and ethnicity affect criminal behaviour? Do the rich and powerful avoid punishment for their crimes? Should we sentence young people to prison? Should we have prisons? How does the media affect crime? 

  • Social Structure – You will examine the very structure of British society. Some questions you will consider: 

Why are some people rich, why are some people poor? What are the factors that affect life chances? Do we all have the same life chances and opportunities in the UK?  Can someone from a poor background get rich? Does real poverty exist in the UK? Do benefits help people or make them lazy? Who has the power in the UK? 

How will this subject help me in the future?  

Studying Sociology gives you the opportunity to gain an understanding of the world around you and to reflect on social issues that relate to you. Sociology studies society, how it is changing and how it can be improved.  It examines the ways we learn to fit in into society and what happens if we don’t! 

Sociology will help with careers such as police officer, teacher, social worker, counsellor, family support worker, journalist, lawyer, politician and many others. 

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