You will be learning about: 

Computer science is about computer technology, puzzle solving, and unpicking the “magic” of computers. Do you enjoy a challenge? Can you stick with a problem when you get stuck? Are you interested in technology and how it works? If your answer is yes, then this is the course for you! 

You will be taught how to break down problems and find solutions to these problems, and then translate these solutions into working software. 

You will learn the principles of programming, and how to program. 

You will learn about a range of computing topics such as computer hardware and how it works, computer networking, cyber security, how computers represent words, images, sound and other real world information. You will investigate the impacts of digital technology on modern society and where we may be headed with technology in the future. 

This is a very exciting, challenging course that will develop your intellect, as well as your prospects. It will set you apart as someone with the inside knowledge on how the computers we all use actually function. 

How will this subject help me in the future? 

The course will prepare you for further computer science study. It is highly valued as a science GCSE and could form the foundation of a career in the IT industry, but also give you a head start in a wide range of careers including science, engineering, business, finance and security. While developments in technology put many jobs at risk, they increase the need for people with computer science training. The UK is crying out for people with the knowledge and skills you will gain in this course. 

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