In Maths, the curriculum is built so previous skills taught will be applied in later topics. The curriculum follows the order of precedence in order to build maths mastery. 

As a department, we use retrieval starters to ensure prior knowledge has been retained. Learning is chunked and we use a ‘I do, we do, you do’ approach, modelling how to work through example questions/problems and scaffolding students’ own responses. 

Where appropriate, skills and problems are linked to real life. Exam style problem questions are used throughout all year groups in lesson and during end of topic tests.  

Live feedback is given during lessons to ensure key concepts are understood and to pick up on any misconceptions. 

The Department actively teaches students how to decode questions by teaching key language and encouraging students to use it when discussing/working through mathematical problems. The Department models how to ‘write to explain effectively within the context of the subject. 

Our aim is for all students to become confident problem solvers and have an awareness of Mathematics and its applications beyond the classroom. Almost all jobs require employees to be numerate and the skills learnt in Mathematics will help pupils in many areas of life. We want our learners to experience challenge, depth and variety within the curriculum and become mathematically confident. 

Please follow the link to view our Mathematics curriculum: