Subject Intent:
In PSHE at Cliff Park Ormiston Academy, students will know how to live physically and mentally healthy lives, recognise risk, be safe, and prepare for life in the wider world. They will be able to recognise healthy relationships in all contexts. Integrated social action projects will provide a platform for students to be caring and fight for issues they feel passionate about. Whilst an integrated careers education aims to nurture student aspiration and support them to make their next steps.

Curriculum Strands: Careers, Economic and Financial Education, Citizenship Education, Health Education, Relationships and Sex Education.

SEND Provision: In order to ensure content is both age and developmentally appropriate the curriculum map is shared with the SENDCo/Director of Inclusion to allow for the pre-teaching of material in advance of lessons, to facilitate overlearning and address the needs of the most vulnerable. Where the SENDCo assesses material to not be developmentally appropriate for the individual, the student is removed from the lesson and alternative/developmentally appropriate PSHE work is provided in agreement with the Senior Leader responsible for PSHE under supervision of the SEND team.

Please follow the link to view our PSHE curriculum: