Welcome to Cliff Park Ormiston Academy

Mr Harry French

Cliff Park Ormiston Academy is a very special school where your child will be safe, happy and where they will achieve success. 

At Cliff Park Ormiston Academy we strive for ‘Excellence Everyday’ – in big moments of academic achievement and extra-curricular success as well as in small moments of self-discovery, perseverance, respect and community. 

We strive for excellence in everything that we do. We provide a warm, welcoming, orderly and inclusive school environment, where ‘Everyday Excellent Behaviour’ is an expectation. We believe in doing the everyday things well; Respect, tolerance, courtesy and co-operation. We make no excuse for our high expectations. Our dedicated staff are committed to developing students and themselves and work exceptionally hard to support our students to become imaginative, confident and happy young people with an enthusiasm for learning. 

The wide range of knowledge and skills gained through our curriculum, is a gateway for pupils to progress to the next phase of their education, training or employment. We recognise that all of our students are different: they have different academic starting points, different challenges and influences, and different goals. We will ensure your child has the foundations of knowledge and understanding required to engage with, and pursue, their learning to whatever level they may wish. We ask that our students approach their studies with hard work and enthusiasm. We encourage our students to be ambitious for themselves, their family and their community and aim high in the classroom, in extra-curricular activities and in life beyond school. 

The Academy is a member of Ormiston Academies Trust [OAT]. As a national Multi Academy trust OAT have an excellent track record in providing high-quality support to our academy which in turn, enables our staff to sustain the high standards , high expectations and high levels of academic achievement that we target everyday. 

We will work tirelessly to ensure your child is safe, happy and successful. 

We hope you can visit us soon. 

Mr H French