Travel and Tourism

The travel and tourism sector is the UK’s third largest employer, accounting for 9.5 per cent of total employment. Tourism is one of the fastest growing sectors in the UK in employment terms, employing nearly 3 million people, and the value of tourism to the UK economy.

Compenent 1: Travel and Tourism Organisations

Learners will investigate travel and tourism organisations in the UK, their ownership, aims, key products and services, and how they work together. They will explore the role of different consumer technologies within the travel and tourism industry. Learners will understand the different types of tourism and different types of visitor, and will investigate the features of and routes to popular tourist destinations.

Component 2: Customer needs in travel and tourism

Learners will investigate how organisations use market research to identify travel and tourism trends and identify customer needs and preferences. 

Component 3: Influences on global travel and tourism

Learners will explore the different factors that may influence global travel and tourism, and how travel and tourism organisations and destinations respond to these factors. Learners will examine the potential impacts of tourism at global destinations and how destinations can manage the impacts of tourism and control tourism development to achieve sustainable tourism.

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