You will be learning about: 

The Music course is industry-focused with a high level of practical skills applied. A keen interest in music and the ability to play an instrument is essential. This is an area which you will develop over the course each lesson. 

You need to be willing to work both independently and as part of a group to  complete band style projects.  There is still the element of written work to support your practical units so you must be able to work to a deadline independently.  

You will receive individual 1:1 tuition on your chosen instrument/voice each week with an external teacher and it is essential you attend these lessons to make progress. You will also be asked to perform at various events throughout the year.  

The units recognise the importance of knowledge about music and the music industry, the role of the individual, coupled with music performance skills.  

You will: 

  • Complete detailed analysis of different music styles 
  • Learn to develop your instrumental/singing techniques 
  • Discovering the best ways to achieve a good performance. 
  • Establish a good rehearsal and practice technique 
  • Apply knowledge of music theory to extracts of music and performance. 

How will this subject help me in the future?  

The course provides you with an excellent preparation if you wish to continue with music on your post 16 studies or work in the music industry.   

Who should I ask if I need more information?  

Please follow the link to view our Music curriculum: