Parking on Academy Property

To ensure safe access to the academy for pupils, staff and visitors, the following safety controls apply

  • A 5-mph vehicle limit applies throughout the site; 
  • All drivers must exercise due care and attention when manoeuvring in the car park and on the driveway; 
  • Vehicular access to the site is managed by site staffbetween 2.50pm and 3.20pm each day.
  • The Academy has no facility for pick-up/drop-off on site.  Parents/carers still wishing to collect or drop-off their children will need to park off-site – Mariners Compass/Leman Road or use the rear gate to access Youell Avenue is our recommendation. Parents are requested not to park on the zig zag markings outside of the school gates.
  • Taxis providing specialist transport should arrive before 2:50pm. They should park in the visitors’ bays and leave after 3:20pm. 
  • Parents/carers collecting students with specialist needs should also park in the visitor bays. Parents/carers are asked to either collect their children before 2.50pm or after 3.20pm. The SEN department will make contact with affected families, to confirm the necessary arrangements. 
  • Staff members must register their car details with Mrs J. Spurgeon. 
  • Cars must be parked in designated bays.  If no bay is available then alternative parking must be found off-site. Parking and or “waiting” on the roadways and on grass verges is strictly prohibited. 
  • All visitors are encouraged to use the marked visitor parking bays. If parking in the Academy car park, visitors must register their car details at Reception. 
  • The disabled bays are for use by registered disabled badge holders only (blue badge). 
  • Students and other pedestrians must use the marked walkways at all times. 
  • Cyclists, scooter and moped users must dismount when accessing the Academy site. 
  • Mobility scooter users should use the footpaths and must not exceed 5 mph speed limit. 
  • The car park is covered by CCTV and will be monitored for unauthorised use. Students, staff and parents/carers are strongly encouraged to report any concerns to Reception. 
  • If this policy is consistently ignored a ban to the site may be imposed. 
  • Visitors (such as contractors) requiring access to other areas of the Academy site, should report to Reception for authorisation and an escort. 


  • The Academy reserves the right to shut the gates at any time, particularly if it is deemed necessary to protect the safety of students, staff, parents/carers and visitors. 
  • Users of the car park do so at their own risk.  The Academy will not accept responsibility for damage, accident or loss to vehicles or their contents. 
  • The Academy encourages all eligible students to use the school bus provision. The Academy Pastoral Team will carry out “spot checks” on this service and students who fail to uphold the Academy’s high standards of behaviour and conduct may be banned from the school bus provision for a fixed term period, and if appropriate, permanently. 
  • Students who persistently fail to comply with the rules regarding the safe use of cycles and non-motorised scooters will be banned from bringing these items onto the academy site.